Thursday, 3 July 2008

seeing is beleving

Our secular scientific age does not tolerate the unexplained, or unexplainable. The existence of magic or miracles is largely ridiculed and rejected. To have faith is to fundamentally believe in something without logical proof. But in 21st century Britain, in spite of the material and the medical, an ancient belief in miracles survives. For many millions of individuals, their belief in miracles is the foundation of their religious confidence. Taking a poetic approach, this film reflects on the spirit of the human ability of believers, to embrace, in the face of all empirical evidence, the impossible.

a film by Elizabeth Waite

in the making of the film i was editor, camera, and sound design

Lycett_restatic vjing software

i have been developing a piece of vj software, which uses a live audio input to generate 3d geometry in opengl, it all so has a 2d video mixer. With this software you can network multiple computer so you can have a 360 visuals. here is a sceen shot of the Lycett_restatic as you can see there is 4 sceen, which are perfecty looping

devils breath

My first horror film at a short 2 mins, Devils breath is a drug used in Mexico to make people lose there free will

rebecca leaf

rebecce leaf, is themed film on identity that i directed.
In this film i wanted to focus my attention on structure, after the shallow cut i wanted the story to be as clear as a window.

A shallow cut

A non-linear film about a women how has to make a decision, about the future of her love, and the birth of her child.

Clear I Me

an a experimental short film about belief and me.